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Week 36 of Pregnancy

Pregnancy Week 36 Only four more weeks to go! Doesn’t it seem like a magic that once a poppy seed is now big enough to live his life in the outer world. Your baby has prepared himself to survive in this 36 weeks journey. He is almost done with his growth and development. Most of his organs are working. He can plan any day to come out, so you better try to put in a little prep work. Week 36 is good time to enjoy your last weeks of pregnancy and pamper yourself as much as you can because that little bundle of joy will bring huge responsibilities along with. Growth and Development of Baby For more weeks to go and your baby is preparing himself to meet you now. Packing almost an ounce every day, your baby weighs around 6 pounds and 18 ½ inches long. By now, he or she must have shredded their waxy protective covering known as vernix caseosa which was meant to protect the baby from the nine month amniotic bath. Along with that the downy hair that was regulating body temperature are also shedding. Both these waste products are actually swallowed by baby which is accumulated as a blackish mixture which comes out as the first sticky black tarry bowel movement of the baby known as meconium. There are cases when babies pass...

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Week 35 of Pregnancy

Pregnancy Week 35 You are about to enter in your last month of pregnancy. The countdown has begun. Working women must be winding up their work in office as their maternity leave entitlements start during last 4-5 weeks of gestation. Now that you are so big, it has become difficult to focus on things other than your baby. It is good as it helps in preparing you for the most significant and wonderful event of your life. Just revise whether you have already completed all the important tasks and have done all the baby preparations. Reserve these last few weeks for rest as your body needs it most. Growth and Development of Baby Your baby is getting taller and bigger day by day. By this week, he or she weighs around 2.4 kg and measures up to 46 cm in length. The baby will show steady weight gain and will gain around one pound till his delivery date which includes large amount of baby fat also. The fat proportion in the weight is increasing constantly and his once skinny arms and legs have now turned plump and soft. This fat layer would also help baby to stay warm in the world outside womb. The soft fuzzy hairs that were covering the baby’s body are disappearing although few of them will be still be there at the time of birth....

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Week 34 of Pregnancy

Pregnancy Week 34 With every passing week, your life is becoming tougher and tougher. Doing everyday errands seems to be quite daunting. You are feeling squeezed and squashed in your mid section. You just want to stretch out more to accommodate everything easier and comfortably but feel restricted. People can’t ignore you now and various comments descend for your baby bump. Some will say, “You are too big”, while some others will feel pity for your baby bump to be too small. There will be others who would even say that “there will be two”. For all such comments we would say just smile and walk away. Listening to or reacting to what everybody say would solve no purpose. In fact, some of them may trigger your worries and concerns about the baby. Growth and Development of Baby Weighing around 4 ¾ pounds and measuring about 18 inches, your baby is continuously in a process of growth and maturation. The facial features are quite distinct by this week. The fat layer is becoming thicker so that baby looks rounder and smoother. Apart from that, this layer also helps in regulating body temperature. The central nervous system is quite mature by now. The muscles are developing and becoming stronger allowing him to move his head, kick his legs and stretch out his arms. The lungs are showing tremendous development so...

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Week 33 of Pregnancy

Pregnancy Week 33 It’s getting harder to remember time when you were not pregnant. Frequent niggles and pain, big belly, insomnia and complete transformation in your physical and emotional well being, constantly remind you having a baby right in there. This is the time to take deep breathes and relax but the symptoms keeps you overheated all the time. Thanks to that little bundle of joy which is keeping you strong and happy in this time also. However, if some of you may not enjoy this moment, you need not to be guilty or worried. It’s a very common experience for women which they hesitate to talk about. Many of you may consider pregnancy as a process to have baby. They are not at all emotionally connected to this stage. Well, your attitude at the time of pregnancy can never judge the love, compassion, care and bond you will have with your baby. Growth and Development of Baby This week your baby must have grown up to 17 inches and weighs a little over to 4 pounds. You can compare him/her with a pineapple. By this week, your baby must have changed his position to head down with their little legs folded up to your chest. This is the most favorable position for them to move down into your pelvis to prepare for birth. However, if your baby has...

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Week 32 of Pregnancy

Pregnancy Week 32 Its 32nd week and the starting of your 8th month! Doesn’t it sound too near to the due date? Having left with just two months, your mind and heart would be filled with mixed feelings of excitement and apprehension. The feelings are more intense for the first time parents. Becoming a parent means you are bringing a significant change in your life. Your life would never be the earlier one. You have to change your priorities, plans and lifestyle forever. You have to like things which you hated once, weight gain, becoming social, cleaning the mess and much more. Growth and Development of Baby Though at 32 weeks, you seem far away from your delivery, but your baby is gearing up for the big debut. Your cute little weighs around 3 ¾ pounds and measures around 16.7 inches in length. In these last months, you will probably gain one pound each week and half of that is due to baby. The baby is busy in honing the skills like swallowing, hiccupping, breathing, sucking and kicking which will help in surviving in the outside world. He or she now looks more and more like a newborn. Your baby’s all five senses are working fine. The process of fat deposition still continues which makes her skin look less transparent and more opaque. Some babies have thick hair while...

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