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Are You Ready For Motherhood

Am I ready for Motherhood? When I was pregnant, I found each baby around me quite adorable and by seeing them my excitation and anxiety to be a mom were used to increase manifold. I was kind of impatient to wait for the day when I will hold my baby in my hands. However, all my friends and cousins used to say that I should treasure this baby free time and enjoy every moment as I will be not getting enough time for myself later. Frankly, I never considered their advice. However, today when I have a baby, I think that I was under false impression. I do not mean that being a mother is a nightmare but yes, it brings lot of stress in your life. My life changed completely and at times, unknowingly words come out of my mouth that “I was not prepared for this”. What I realized is that one cannot imagine and realize the responsibility and duties of parenthood until being a parent. Though, we have grown watching our parents taking care of us but experiencing it on our own is altogether a different thing. Getting blessed with a child means happiness and fun, but only if one is prepared for that, especially the mom-to-be. After being a mom, you can be overwhelmed with the responsibilities and stress if you are not mentally and...

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Morning Sickness during Pregnancy

Morning Sickness Generally, you sense to have some good news with the early morning rush to the bathroom for vomiting. According to the facts, around 80 percent of the women feel sickness in the morning during their pregnancy. And most of them even feel like vomiting and retching in the early morning. If you think that you are being unlucky spending your first trimester of pregnancy getting sick and all, then you are not alone. Morning Sickness is a quite common condition and a symptom of being pregnant. However, its intensity can vary from one woman to another. At times, you will odd bouts of mild nausea or sometimes any odd smell will trigger your nausea feeling all throughout the day. In most of the cases, a woman gets relief after her first trimester however; some women are quite unlucky in this case as they have to endure this sickness all through their pregnancy until delivery. Signs and Symptoms of Morning Sickness Here are few symptoms- Nausea Vomiting loss of appetite Weakness and fatigue Feeling exhausted, depressed, and anxious throughout the day Feeling quite dehydrated and lazy In reality, morning sickness is a misnomer as the condition can bother you at any point of time in the day. The reason behind naming it is it occurs with a bit high intensity during morning which eases as the day progress....

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How to Get Ready for Pregnancy

How to get ready to be pregnant So, finally you have decided to take a plunge in the life’s major challenge, parenting. However, do not just jump all at once, after you decide. To ensure a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby, you and your partner have to put in few efforts. These efforts are not only for the well being of your child but also for the life after baby. These efforts need you to plan before you actually start. The first trimester of pregnancy is quite critical and painful as during this phase baby’s organs begin to develop and mother faces sickness (though not necessarily with all). So, better you plan, healthier will be your baby. How Pre-planning can be helpful? It helps in conceiving conveniently Leads to healthy and safe pregnancy Minimizes pregnancy complications Informs and prepares you for forthcoming challenge Minimizes child’s risk of adult complications If you are reading this and thinking that you have already started trying for baby then also no issues, as it is never too late to make changes in your lifestyle to ensure good health. How to Plan a Healthy Pregnancy Preconception check up: the very first thing that you should opt for is the pre-conception visit to your doctor or midwife. The visit helps your doctor know about your medical history and family history related to diseases like...

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Are You Ready To Have A Baby?

Are You Ready To Have A Baby? Having your own child or entering into parenthood is a big decision in one’s life. Before taking this huge step, a couple had to consider so many things like family, freedom and finances. For some it may not be a big question as they always dreamt of being parents and having a child. However, some couple does serious wobbling before taking the plunge. Whatever is in your mind, make sure one thing that no one has to have children. The world is already very populated and therefore decision of being a parent is completely upon you. It all depends on what hopes you carry and what you aspire in your life. In order to win over this inner turmoil, you should ask certain questions with yourself. The very questions which would help you are: Why do you need a baby? Some couples argue that they have been sexually satisfying each others for years and they do not feel like having any other member in their life. While in some others, there is an inner call or urge to create someone with the person you love so much. For them, it is the whole point of life and a strong bond to make their relationship strong. As per my personal experience, I would say that I had this inner desire to have my...

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