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How to manage work life balance after baby

It would not be wrong to say that pregnancy is a dichotomous state which on one hand seems to be quite essential for a woman and on the other hand brings major life changes in her life. The changes are sometimes welcomed while at other times, you are forced to rethink or regret about your pregnancy. It is like a rollercoaster of emotions through which the most affected ones are working women. Do you know what the worst part of this phase is? Just when you will be getting used to be home with baby and when your child has got used to have you around, you will realize that your maternity leave is coming to an end. Now, the thought of leaving your baby at someone else’s pity will suffuse you with heavy guilt. Moreover, your body itself would not be prepared to get up early and rush to the office after you being awake in the nights due to baby crying. Either focusing fully-fledged for family leaving job is the option for her or she may return to work with a balancing act constantly juggling between work and home. In her desperation to give 100% to both her jobs, she hurt herself at times. However, if things are somewhat manageable, you must return to work for sure. There will be some inevitable bumps to slow down your...

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How to Cope With Postnatal Depression

Your baby has just arrived. You are basking to be in the new mom bliss. Your every moment is filled with anxiety, joy and excitement. However, soon you realize that this joy is losing and is gradually surrounded by the negative feelings of exhaustion, weepiness and irritation. Though not so common, but about 85 percent of mothers go through this stage after delivering her baby. Being referred as baby blues, the situation is marked with tension, sadness, moodiness, difficulty sleeping and loss of appetite. You feel miserable and edgy. Even the new fathers may feel distressing with the birth. Nevertheless, one should know that this is a manageable condition and the symptoms usually disappear within some days or few weeks. Studies say that the hormonal shifts in the body cause you to feel so. However, if your symptoms do not go away in few days and get worse day by day, it leads to a more serious problem commonly known as postnatal depression. What is Postnatal Depression Postnatal depression or PND is a kind of illness which occurs in about 10-15 percent of mothers post delivery. This is often mistaken with baby blues as the symptoms are almost common; however, this is longer, deeper and more serious. Baby blues generally go away by themselves within few weeks but postnatal depression requires some support to be treated. This may be...

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Does Pregnancy affect Relationship

Will my Pregnancy affect my Relationship with Partner The news of pregnancy brings joy, excitement, anxiety and ambivalence in the couple’s mind. Yet there are some challenges, uncertainties and fears that surround you throughout the pregnancy. It is true that being pregnant for a woman means lot of emotional, physical, social, psychological and lifestyle changes. However, at the same time, pregnancy can bring a drastic change in your relationship with the partner. The changes are both positive and negative. On the one hand when the feeling of creating a life with your love will get you Goosebumps, when you will be working on strengthening and nurturing your relationships, a time will come when the emotional and physical stress can take its toll on your relationship. Neither of you can be blamed for these changes. As when on one side, your pregnancy can put you in emotional stress, mood swings, physical strain and mental pressure, your husband is likely going through issues and concerns like how to help in pregnancy and labor, how to handle financial matters, how his sex relationship will be affected, how come he can evolve as the best dad and many such questions. Till date, no exact formula or method has evolved to handle the relationship issues during pregnancy but the only thing which can work best is maximum involvement of you as a couple in...

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Being Pregnant At Work

Pregnancy is like a big project for a woman to whom she is connected physically, emotionally, mentally, socially and financially. A woman has to follow all tips, suggestions and precautions to successfully complete the term. However, being pregnant for a working woman becomes quite challenging. She constantly juggles between this inside job and the one outside in her office. Moreover, she is required to take care of both with equal dedication. A pregnant working woman faces far more challenges than a non-working one. However, if one does not know how to handle the situation well, it can become quite risky. In pregnancy, you have to keep yourself at priority. You need to take very good care of yourself which is sometimes compromised when you are working. So, we are here to tell you what all you should do to handle the two big and difficult jobs with similar efficiency. But before that, let’s answer some of the queries bothering you. How long can I continue work after getting pregnant You are not legally bound to continue or discontinue your job during pregnancy. As long as you are feeling normal, safe and healthy, you can continue working. An employer has the right to start your maternity leave at once if you are going through any complications. However, it would be advisable to opt for your maternity leave at least 2-3...

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Will My Life Change after a Baby

How Will Your Life Change after having a Baby? Congratulations!! Finally you have made an entry in parenthood. You are loaded with overwhelming joy, excitement and fulfillment and will soon face some wonderful and unexpected changes in your life. The exhausting and tiring nine months of pregnancy seems worth when you hold your little one in your hand, when he cuddles in your arms, when he smiles at you and when you know that you both are like each other’s worlds. However, there will be times when your emotions will be conflicted. The joy, happiness and excitement of having a baby will be smothered by the tiredness, exhaustion and 24/7 caretaking demands. At times, you will express anger towards your baby, but it will soon turn into guilt. You would not be able to do anything with routine as now your little helpless baby will set your daily routine. From your waking to eating, working, sleeping or any other activity, all will be governed by your baby activity. Recall that Johnson and Johnson’s ad campaign in which they show that how having a baby changes everything i.e. feeling baby’s pain more than anything else, enjoying working with one hand and holding baby in other, understanding every clue of that little life. Bingo! The ad actually hits the truth. It’s a superb feeling to be a mother provided you accept...

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