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How to get back in Shape after Pregnancy

Hey congratulations! You have given birth to a cute little baby. The past nine months of pregnancy was a time of change, new life and expansion. The change has been emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Apart from this, there have been incredible changes in your physical structure during pregnancy. As soon as the pregnancy ends, most of you must be desperate to get back to the pre-pregnancy size. Now as the pregnancy gets over, there is no more pampering and no more freedom to fall for the choice of foods. During pregnancy, you craved for weird foods and that too lots of them. It took you around 40 weeks to gain this much amount of weight so of course, you would understand that weight loss is something you should not to rush for. Always remember that you have done a wonderful job of growing a baby and your body now needs some time to recover from the process. Getting back in shape after pregnancy is every woman’s desire. The desire turns into desperation when they happen to see their favorite celebrities as slim and in shape just days after pregnancy. When you see these celebrities getting a model-perfect shape in no time, you assume them to get onto treadmill just after their baby’s birth. Many new mums desperate for weight loss opt for surgery as the option to regain the...

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Week 40 of Pregnancy

Pregnancy Week 40 So, finally week 40 is here. It means your due date is here. It may have seemed to you pretty long to reach this week when you first saw that extra line as a positive indicator of your pregnancy. Pregnancy sickness may be far distant memory for you as you are now only focusing on the fact that you will soon going to be a mom. Although, you must have thoughts of not reaching this milestone but Congratulations, for getting all through this and entering in the most awaited time. Now you feel and look comfortable and can’t bear this pregnancy anymore. It’s hard to think about anything else apart from the delivery and baby. Well, you will probably get into labor in this week provided you are not overdue. Growth and Development of Baby This is the moment which will mark the official end of your pregnancy. Your baby probably weighs around 7 ½ pounds and 20 inches long. The skull bones are still not fused to allow for “molding” which means overlapping of bones while passing through birth canal. While still in the womb, you are continuously giving your baby antibodies to let him fight with the infections. In case you breastfeed after birth, you will provide him with more antibodies. The baby’s immune system will be most boosted with first thin clear yellowish...

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Week 39 of Pregnancy

Pregnancy Week 39 Growing impatient or eager? At 39 weeks, every little twinge in your body must be bothering you. Any pain or any movement seems like triggering labor contractions or labor pains. Well, if you have successfully passed the last 38 weeks, you will handle further also. Just believe that your baby knows what will be the right time for him to come out. He will decide his BIRTHDAY on his own. Till then, just be happy and enjoy your last weeks for pregnancy, dream about your baby and finish up any preparations to welcome your baby. Growth and Development of Baby As you are waiting to get some signals, your baby is doing the same now. Your baby, who weighs around 3 kg and measures about 50 cm is all set to make her big debut. However, some babies tend to stay in womb for one or two additional weeks past their due-date. The greasy, white coating called vernix casesoa has been shed by now. The shed parts are mixed with amniotic fluid which turns from clear to milky white in appearance. There is thick hair on baby’s head and his fingernails extend beyond his fingers. The baby’s skull bones are not fused until birth to allow easy passage from the birth canal. This causes skull bones to overlap each other. It is because of this reason...

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Week 38 of Pregnancy

Pregnancy Week 38 You have turned all rounded, and desperately waiting for either the cute angel or the little hero to hold him in your hands. Well, be patient as your baby will himself decide his birthday to come out and he will do so once he is fully prepared. Some nagging thoughts must be ruling your mind related to baby and his delivery. You must be swinging in the calmness on one side and sudden panic attacks on the other. Your baby is entering quite down into your pelvis which may give you lightning bolt sensation in your legs. Being so low in your pelvis, he is bumping on all kinds of nerves there even the most sensitive ones. Read further to know what else you can expect from this week. Growth and Development of Baby Your little one is quite plumped up now. He or she weighs around 6.8 pounds and measures around 19 ½ inches long. Within two more weeks, your baby will make his most awaited arrival. All the baby’s organs are mature enough to survive in the outside world. As you prepare for ETA, your baby is also getting ready to come out. The vernix and languo has been already shredded into the amniotic fluid. This amniotic fluid is taken in by the baby. Some of this fluid winds into the intestine along with...

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Week 37 of Pregnancy

Pregnancy Week 37 Wow, you are so close to your baby! You have almost passed all the hurdles, pains, aches and emotional upheavals with success and finally reached the week which is safe in every sense for your baby (until and unless, you face any last minute complications). If born in this week, your baby will survive without any issues of prematurity. However, you still have 2-3 weeks to go so better try to occupy your mind in some interesting and motivating things otherwise only waiting can be unbearable. Growth and Development of Baby With only three more weeks to go, you are quite close to your due date. Though, doctors still not consider any baby at 37 weeks to be full term, you are on a safer side. The babies born at this stage are likely to thrive very well without any external support. However, their growth is still not complete as they are packing on ½ ounce every day. At 37 weeks, your baby weighs around 6 1/3 pounds and measures about 19 inches in length. Doctors generally consider baby as full term in 39 weeks as in these two weeks, the baby’s lungs and brain will be fully mature. If you are thinking of C-section, your doctor will give you some date after 39 weeks. When your baby was 30 weeks, he carried only 30 grams...

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