Author: Archana Tyagi

Health Benefits of Apple (Seb), Juice and Murabba

An apple or seb is pomaceous fruit, known as the king of fruits because of its beautifulness and lot of benefits. It belongs to the Malus domestica species and the Rosaceae family. It has many diseases controlling power and full of vitamins, photochemical, minerals, protein, and other nutrients. Seb is cultivated in many countries like China, United States, Italy, India, Poland, Turkey and other countries. China is the country ranked first in cultivating the apples; it cultivates the apples of half amount alone of the total amount cultivated by all the countries. United States ranked second in cultivating the...

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Health Benefits of Banana (Kela)

Banana or kela is the most edible fruit in India which can be found in every season of the year. It is very energetic and safe to eat fruit which can be eaten anytime. There is no fear of infection or headache to wash it. It is produced by plants of Musa genus. It is variable size fruit with soft flesh and rich in the starch wrapped with the colored coverings like yellow, green, red or brown. Banana is a parthenocarpic fruit means a seedless fruit which is liked by the people of all ages. It is very delicious, cheap and one of the great staple fruit of India. It is the most eaten fruit by the people because of its variety of health and nutritional benefits. Adding the banana in your daily diet helps to maintain your body organs functioning very well. Keep a bunch of bananas on your desk at work and replenish your stock each week. It works as good snacks in between the diets. Benefits of Banana/Kela Banana is a fruit generally loved by all (kids, men women or old). It is very cheap and delicious fruit found in almost every season in abundant amount in the India. It is a wholesome fruit having lots of nutritional health benefits which are mentioned below: Benefits of Banana for Heart Normalizes Heart Functioning Adding a banana to...

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