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High Risk Pregnancy and ways to deal with

Being pregnant and being responsible as a mother to care a baby is a tough task for a woman in her whole life as she suffers lots of problems related to her health and other aspects (socially, physically, mentally, emotionally and intellectually). And what if she already suffers or develops any risk during her pregnancy, she becomes very hopeless and weak both physically and mentally. We would discuss in this article all the aspects related to the high risk pregnancy (such as what is high risk pregnancy, what are high risks during pregnancy, signs and symptoms of high risk pregnancy, risk factors for high-risk pregnancy, how to manage high risk pregnancy, tests during high risk pregnancy, etc) in order to help a woman suffering from the same. What is High Risk Pregnancy A pregnancy is called high risk pregnancy if a woman or her baby develops any chance of getting health problems. Women suffering from high risks during their pregnancy need some special attention by the doctor throughout the pregnancy. Pregnant women having high risk must keep themselves under close watch of the gynaecologist. Some of the high risks during pregnancy involve slow growth of baby, preterm labour, placental problems, preeclampsia, etc. What are High Risks during Pregnancy Some of the examples of the high risks during pregnancy are mentioned below which a pregnant woman must take care throughout...

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How to Check Pregnancy

How to check pregnancy is the most common question arises in the mind of woman whether she is trying to conceive according to plan or worried about her unplanned pregnancy. As first time a woman is quiet shy and does not want to share her feelings to others. In such case, she thinks about how to make pregnancy test own at home. Now a day, it is quiet easy to test pregnancy at home through pregnancy kit available in the market with instructions and step by step procedures for confirmation. However, it might be stressful for a woman as it brings up many positive and negative emotions with lots of excitement and fear. Sometimes unplanned pregnancy brings lots of fears and common thinking like whether it is right time for me and family or not. However, pregnancy is a precious gift from nature to the couples so accept it and try to enjoy. Have a best pregnancy kit from the market and confirm your pregnancy at home and let others know about this surprising news. Pregnancy kit works on the mechanism of availability of a hormone called human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG releases when a fertilized egg implants in uterus by attaching to its lining) in the urine and it is found only in a pregnant woman’s body. You can test your pregnancy at home or under the watch of...

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Is Pregnancy possible after Menopause

Menopause is the end of fertility period of a woman means during menopause a woman stops menstruating and most probably stops ovulating as well. Menopause brings end of reproductive years in the woman life. Some women may ovulate even after the menopause for some years so a little hope is there for some special women having there hormonal balance in the body. However, there are some advanced medical technologies helping woman after menopause in getting pregnant. Chances of conceiving a baby after menopause are very less however possible in some ways during initial years of menopause with lots of complications. Getting pregnant after menopause is too much risky for the health of both mother and baby. Tips for Getting Pregnant after Menopause Below we have discussed some important tips which help you in getting pregnant in the initial years of menopause. It is very necessary to follow all the medical advices to get pregnant during menopause in order to lessen the health risk of both mother and baby. Taking precautions to a great level prevents baby from the congenital birth defects. Discuss to a best gynaecologist before planning your pregnancy as it may arise lots of difficulties due to the irregularity in ovulation. So it is best to confirm your some possible ovulation dates with your doctor to go ahead with the conception. It is first and foremost thing...

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How to Get Twin Babies Naturally

How to Get Twin Pregnancy Some women wish to get pregnant with twins baby however some have fear of twin baby due to the problems arise all through the pregnancy as well as after delivery responsibility of caring and nourishing twins. Passionate women try to get pregnant to have twin baby naturally. Having twin is occasional and depends on some common factors which increase the chance of conceiving with twin. Women crazy about getting twins should prepare their mind about all the risks and complications associated with the multiple pregnancy such as preeclampsia, prematurity, etc. Naturally made twins are of two types called as identical and non-identical twins. Identical (also called monozygotic twins or non-fraternal) twins are formed when an egg gets fertilized with a sperm and divides in two equal parts (having same genetic components and identical genetic structures) called embryos sharing only one placenta. Non-identical (also called dizygotic twins or fraternal) are formed when two eggs gets fertilised with two separate sperm. Such type of twins have their own and unique individuality and own placenta. How to Conceive Twin Getting pregnant with twins baby is not so simple however following some tips may enhance the chance of conceiving twins: Having some weight under good dietician, before getting pregnant, increases the chance of twins as weight gain directly associated with the changes in secretion, serum level of reproductive...

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Ovulation and Menstruation Problems in Women

Common Ovulation Problems (Infertility) in Women Ovulation is the first and foremost thing for a woman to make her life happier in every aspects of life. A woman without ova or ovulation does not feel herself a normal woman as she gets devoid of being a mother of her own baby in her life. A woman cannot get pregnant without ovulation throughout her life so anyone can understand the situation that what a big problem is for her. Ovulation is the normal phenomenon in a female body occurs two weeks later the menstruation period in every month. However, there may be some problems or irregularities in this process called ovulation problems or infertility problems in women due to some reasons like genetic, dietary deficiency, complications or diseases. Some of are mentioned below: Endometriosis: It is the condition in which endometrial tissues found in the uterus lining starts growing abnormally outside the uterus in the abdominal pelvic cavity. It shows symptoms of painful menstruation, pain in pelvic region, painful intercourse, heavy menstrual bleeding, unusual blood spotting and etc. It may treated surgically involve removal of endometrial tissue, some fertility drugs and artificial insemination. Around 40 % of the women get relief after the treatment success. Some hormonal problems also disturbs the ovulation process among women by prevents egg to gets matured or egg development in the ovaries. It shows symptoms...

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