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Face Massage

Face massage is a technique of giving massage to the facial and neck skin in order to get healthy, glowing, youthful and toned facial skin for long time. It matters a lot for everyone to maintain the beauty of facial skin however quite different especially for a woman. Face massage is one of the best ways as beauty treatment which slows down the risk of aging process by giving younger looking skin. Face Massage at Home As we all know that everyone cannot afford the cost of face massage at parlour and spa. But a hope is still there...

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Hair Style

Hair Style Hair style is the hair making in different stylish way. It is the styling of hair in different attractive way which improves the look and confidence level by enhancing the beauty. It adds a lot positively to the personality of the women and gives the beautiful look. There are varieties of hairstyles which we can make on short, medium length and long hair very easily. Some of the hairstyles are easy and can be made individually by the women themselves on their own hair without the help of any expertise. Fashionable hair making is now trend and generally used by both, working women and housewives. Fashionable hair making gives a new look to the face and personality of the woman. Stylish hair making is considered as the aspect of personal grooming, fashion, and cultural considerations. Though, hairstyles have been in trend ever from dates back about 30,000 years during which women from ancient civilizations were used of hairstyles in creative ways. Women in Imperial Rome are used to of complicated hair styles. Generally, most of the women have long hair as they like the hairstyles most. Women in Roman Empire in the 16th century (especially in the western world) were started wearing extremely ornate hairstyles. However in the later half of 15th century, a very high hairline over the forehead was considered gorgeous and attractive. Men hair...

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Face Cleaning at home

Skin is the major part of our body and it plays a great role in our beauty especially skin of the face for any man or woman. It adds a lot to our beauty and freshness. If our skin is healthy, clean, soft and fresh, we look smart and beautiful. It improves our confidence level and inner strength which help us in being happy and active. There are many ways, we can keep our skin healthy and fresh especially face skin. In such as a running and hectic environment full of pollutions, our health and beauty is in danger...

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How to apply Mehndi on hair at home

In this article, we will let you know about how to apply your own prepared Mehndi paste on your hair by yourself or with the help of someone at home. We will provide you some tips and processes of applying Mehndi in easy way together with pictures and videos so that you can get more as you want. As we all know that, today’s environment is full of pollution which badly affects our physical, mental and social health in many ways. We need to care ourselves a lot in order to maintain our health and confidence. Hair is the...

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Health Benefits of Strawberry

Strawberry is the member of rose family which is a berry (also called as an enlarged receptacle of the flower), not a fruit. Strawberries do not ripe further once plucked from the tree. Medium-sized berries with firm, shiny, deep red and plump nature are good. This popular fruit was first cultivated in ancient Rome. This fruit having aphrodisiac nature keeps your heart healthy and strong. This fruit contains five separate petals and it is the only fruit having seeds on the outside. More than 600 varieties of the strawberries are found with different flavor, size and texture. It is found all through the year however peak season is April to July. It is highly produced in the California (around 2 billion pounds per year). Benefits of Strawberry Fruit Strawberries are rich source of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals contributing to the overall health. It is the good source of vitamin C and dietary fibers. It is very attractive in shape and color having little package of nutrients which keep heart healthy, increase good cholesterol level, lower blood pressure, and protect from cancer. People, who consume this fruit regularly, have less risk of heart disease, diabetes, cancer, obesity, etc. High intake of fruits and vegetables gives healthy skin, hair, increased energy level, and lower weight. Strawberries are packed with antioxidants, polyphenols, however; have no sodium, fat, cholesterol, and fewer calories. It...

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