Author: Archana Tyagi

How to Wake up Early in the Morning

There are many reasons for us to wake up early in the morning however; it is not so easy on regular basis. It is quite challenging and tough but we can practice it to bring it into our habit on regular basis. I have provided some interesting, easy and useful solutions in this article about how to wake up early in the morning. I think waking up early in the morning is really tough and a big problem to us, however it is beneficial in all aspects, we must find out solutions and follow those to take all the benefits of waking up early every morning. Waking early every morning is one of the most beneficial habits in the world as we get perfect and sufficient time for meditation, yoga, exercise, study and some other interesting things we like. It is the best time of 24 hrs we have as we get extra time to focus on our creativity. Now-a-days, people are so busy in their daily schedule; everyone is running in the race to get the false destination, they don’t have time to know what is their real destination but they are just running in the crowd. There are many natural scenes and events to see in the morning but we generally skip those because of our busy schedule. Rising early every morning we can get lots of...

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Benefits of Waking up Early in the Morning

Now-a-days, everyone has a busy life style and no one has time for them so that they can follow a healthy lifestyle in order to be healthy, happy and fit. I have written this article to share with you the benefits of waking up early in the morning. I have also given below a video in Hindi on this topic so that you can be more clear about. Most of us have a very active life as they are self motivated, some people are there only to make plans, whereas some people are very lazy and do not want to do any physical activity in their life. They only go to office and just eat and sleep. Some people generally make plans to wake up early in the morning and they follow too for some days. But they feel idle after some days and they also think that there is no benefit that’s why they again start waking up late in the morning. As we all know that waking up in the early morning is very beneficial in all ways, still we listen to our fickle mind, become idle and remain devoid of all the benefits of waking up in early morning. So, friends we should not listen to our fickle mind, we should be intelligent enough about what is right or wrong. It is quite hard to wake...

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Why we should not Drink Water in Standing Position

What happens when you drink water in standing position? From the ancient time we have been ever instructed by our grandmothers and mothers to avoid drinking water in standing position. They shouted on us many times whenever they saw us drinking water in standing position because they were very careful to our health and wellness. Now, it’s our responsibility to take care of us as well as notice our children while doing any wrong habit and tell them a right way of drinking water with proper reasons. Drinking water in sitting position has lots of importance and a significant manner. There are numerous negative effects on our health when we drink water while standing. I have shared below a video on why we should avoid drinking water while standing for more clearance to you. You can be more clear about ‘what happens when you drink water in standing position’ by seeing the video given below. When I was in my childhood, my mom was very conscious to my health and she always noticed the way I drank water and that was only sitting position. She described me the reasons of why to avoid drinking water in standing position but all time it was out of my mind. But, you cannot believe friends, whenever I was able to understand the reasons I never did that mistake again in my life...

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Hair Oiling

Hair Oiling at Home Hair oiling is a method of applying oil to the hair root and hair strands and give a massage with finger tips on the scalp. Hair oiling is a traditional process especially in India for the people living in villages. It is an old and most famous way of oiling the hair which is passed to the new generation from our older generation. Generally, we all have a nice memory of hair oiling with Nani, Dadi and mom in our childhood. At that time we were against the hair oiling because we were completely unknown...

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Puff Hairstyle

Puff is the fluffy structure made by the front hair on the head. It can be made easily at home by taking front part of the hair. We just need to practice on daily basis if we want to get a perfect puff. In order to make puff we need to lift the front hair to the level than normal level to give it a fluffy look which is called puff. Making puff is very easy and simple and it gives an elegant look to the hair and whole face. It is one of the nice hair styles which improve the confidence level and personality of the girls or women positively. It can be made at all hair types as well as small, medium and lengthy hair. Women having thin or less hair can make puff with the help of artificial puff. Artificial puff is a puff like structure made up of plastic or artificial hair which we can put under the front hair and then cover it with front hair to give the look of natural puff. It is a casual hair style which we can make at any occasion or daily according to the wish at any place such as home, office, market, tour, party, etc. Puff Hairstyle at home with Step-by-Step Process Here is the step by step process of making half puff and full puff:...

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