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Natural home remedies for dandruff

Tips to Remove Hair Dandruff Quickly Hair Dandruff Dandruff is the most common problem for everyone especially for women with long hair. It hugely affects the hair growth and development as well as becomes the big reason of hair loss and hair fall. It is the dead skin cells on the scalp which sheds over shoulders and gives dirty look. It makes hair weak from the root; thus, promotes hair fall from the root. It is natural that upper skin cells gets dead time to time and sheds however if we don’t take care of it, it gets worse...

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Egg Hair Mask for Dry Hair

As we all know that hair is the natural and most beautiful jewellery of women; so we need to maintain its natural beauty through regular care to look attractive and beautiful. Eggs are very inexpensive ingredient commonly found in our kitchen. Generally, we use eggs to eat as a most healthy food to fulfill our protein needs; however it is also proved a best mask for hair and skin and gives various flawless results if used on regular basis. You can change your dry and dull hair into silky and shiny hair in just one application of egg as...

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Egg Face Mask to get Toned and Tight Facial Skin Naturally

Egg Face Mask Skin is the major part of our body and plays a great role in increasing the beauty. We need to maintain the health and beauty of our skin by taking proper care and diet in timely manner. Skin covers our whole body and gives it a nice look but it is always under attack of weather, environmental changes, pollution, dust, sun exposure, etc whole day and night, so we need to give it a special care in order to look youthful for long time. Lack of proper care makes skin grows older, it gives us old...

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How Mosambi Juice help in Weight Loss

Mosambi Juice Mosambi is a widely known healthy and juicy fruit (green or light yellow or mix of green and yellow), generally used by people to drink its juice. Mosambi juice is a refreshing drink gives cooling effect in the summer season. It is easily available in the market in all seasons and also known as sweet lime. We can enjoy this healthy fruit in almost all the seasons by taking its juice twice a day in order to cut calories and lose some weight. It does not only help in weight loss but also prevents and treats various diseases (dehydration, scurvy, jaundice, digestive disorders, promotes immunity and many more). Does Mosambi Juice help in Weight Loss? Now-a-days, people are very conscious towards their health and fitness. In order to maintain their fitness, they always want to eat and drink healthy together with lots of effective exercises. People, who are overweight and obese, want to reduce some weight to make that normal according to their body mass index (BMI: is the measurement of body fat according to the height and weight of the person), so that they can enjoy a happy and healthy life. Then, what about the Mosambi fruit and Mosambi juice, is this healthy for our health? A common question arises in everyone’s mind that ‘can Mosambi Juice help in Weight Loss?’ The answer is a big...

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What happens when you Skip a Meal

Skipping meal any time in a day or night is a bad way to shed some weight. It is a myth we consider that skipping meal help us in losing some weight. Instead of losing weight, it increases the weight of a person who skips meals. Skipping meals promotes the hunger pangs to a great extent from normal rate. People in the rush of losing weight either eat very small amount of diet or completely skip the meal, however both the ways are wrong. It is a big mistake people are doing in their life as it may cause serious physiological issues in the near future. The bad effect of meal skip depends on the reaction of body to missed meals according to the age, health condition, and diet. In this article, I have shared the information about reasons why people skip their meals and what happens when we skip our meal of any time especially breakfast or dinner. Dear friends, skipping meal is not healthy in anyway and badly affect our health. We think that doing this we can reduce some weight however it never comes true, instead we gain some weight. Reasons why People Skip their Meals There are various reasons people skip their meals whether at breakfast, lunch or dinner. Some of are: Mostly, people skip their meals because of being overweight and want to reduce...

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