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Stress and Hair Loss

Hair loss is a common problem these days. Both men and women develop this condition at a rather young age now-a-days. While there is a growing trend of going bald in men, it is a big problem for the women and they are ready to make all the required efforts to restore their tresses. Now, in order to cope up with the problem, you first require finding out the reason behind the same. There are many reasons such as change in some of your hair care products, changes in your lifestyle or certain bodily changes that lead to this...

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How to Cope with Grief and Loss

Coping with Grief and Loss: How to handle your emotions, anger, depression and fear Loss of someone near and dear to you or lack of intended results in your pursuits can fill you with sadness. You might undergo so many tumultuous emotions and tend to think that there is no end to your pain and misery. These are normal reactions to such difficult, agonizing situations. Though there is no right or wrong way to grieve, there are healthy ways to cope with unbearable pain. In due course, you can renew your trust in life and move on. You cannot...

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How to Improve Memory Power and Concentration Naturally Through Foods and Yoga

You often face problems in memorizing and concentrating on your tasks. Generally, it is a sign of low or poor memory power. People around you have high expectation from you and want you to achieve something special in your field of interest. But they feel disappointed when you are unable to remember or concentrate on a given task. As you are aware, to perform well in life, you need a good memory power, especially in today’s competitive world. But quite often your memory fails you, due to factors such as stress, lack of exercise, inadequate nutritious food, deficiency of...

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How to improve your Child’s Memory Power

As a parent, you always worry about how well your kids are learning. You have huge expectation from them and want them to scale great heights of success in life. But you get anxious if your kids have poor or unsatisfactory memory power. Relax. We are going to tell you how you can ensure that your children can enjoy a sound memory as they study a lot to acquire new learning. As you know, the best way to boost your children’s memory and brain function is to encourage good blood flow to their brain. And, there are very simple...

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